PokeTrials: New Years Update!

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    Happy New Years from PokeTrials!

    This update was a small update to PokeTrials. We've added a few new features and changed a few things. We wish all of you guys a Happy New Year and Holidays. The biggest update for New Years is that we have added a SECOND REGION. Now many people may be wondering what the second region includes and what is different about it. Blue Region will be the same map and features as Green. The difference between the regions is that there are different Pokemon spawns on each Region. For example, Hitmonlee can only be found in the wild on Green and Hitmonchan can only be found in the wild on Blue. Aside from the Pokemon spawns, ALL POKEMON AND ITEMS are universal between both regions. Gyms/Pokestops/Vote Parties will all be individual to each region so feel free to capture all the gyms on both regions! The main reason we added the Blue Region is that we needed some player load balancing. We were finding that we had over 20-25 players camping at lures and we realized that we simply did not have enough room or a large enough map to satisfy the large populations the server was reaching. With that being said, ALL updates to the servers will apply to BOTH servers for all future updates.

    Here is a sneak peak of one of the Millenial Pokemon!

    -Goodluck out there Trainers!

    New Features:
    -Added Tutorial Area
    -Added Millenial Crates
    -Added Vote Rewards to PokePhone
    -Added Cooldowns for Gym Battling
    -Added Blue Region
    -Added Prestige Rewards
    -Added Prestige rank prefix
    -Added Team Switching

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed 2 bugs causing the servers to crash
    -Fixed crashing after a Vote Party
    -Fixed some improper biome placement

    -Increased Egg Chances at PokeStops
    -Modified Pokemon Spawns to fit each Region
    -30 second grace period after battling a gym
    -Alolan/Aura Spawn Announcement modified

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