PokeTrials: Balance Update!

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    PokeTrials: Balancing Update
    This update includes many of the small features and fixes we have added to the server from launch day till now.​

    New Features:

    -Updated to Pixelmon 5.0.0
    *50 Pokemon Added
    *Gen 6 Battle Mechanics added
    *Fairy Type Pokemon Added
    *New Items added
    -Chansey's Corner
    *Egg Step Check
    *Egg Name Check
    -Meowth's Treasury
    *Player Vaults
    -Permanent Warp Access
    -Added Sell prices to items in shops
    -Added Traders
    -Added Biome Specific Quests
    -Added Lucky Eggs (1.5x Player EXP for 30 Mins)
    -Added Trials Keys
    -Added Berry Stalls & Berry Master
    -Added TM Shops to Warp Buildings
    -Added Training Area
    -Added Pokemon to Spawn
    -Added Move Tutor
    -Added Move Relearner
    -Added more options to the PokePhone

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed "Fatal Error" crashes
    -Fixed Texture Pack Error
    -Fixed money showing up as 0
    -Fixed Experience Exploit
    -Fixed glitch allowing the creation of Aura Pokemon
    -Fixed Lucky Egg duplication glitch
    -Fixed Crate Key glitch only giving 1 key if multiple are purchases

    -Sell Shop Prices and Collector Prices changed
    -Added PokeStops and PokeGyms to website map
    -Implemented player level based PokeStop rewards
    -Egg rate reduced in PokeStops
    -Pokemon spawns changed to include new pokemon in their appropriate biomes
    -Economy Tweakes implemented
    -Experience Gain tweaks implemented
    -Revamped Level Crate Rewards
    -Revamped Aura Crate Rewards
    -Permanent Warp prices reduced
    -Move Tutor and Move Relearner prices reduced

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