Hello PokeTrials Member,

You might be wondering where we've been the past couple of weeks. Well we've got some good news and some bad news, however the good news outweighs the bad news. So do you want the good news, or the bad news?

Good News:
PokeTrials will be joining the popular Minecraft server network JourneyGaming! We will get our own spot on their network! However this means we will be losing all of our brand name of PokeTrials. From now on we will be forwarding our IP Address to JourneyGaming's Network. With this merge our server will be able to get the love from managers and community as it's needed. We're super excited to finally let you guys all know about this merge, and we can't wait to see all the new friends we'll make. Don't worry about losing anything because it's already backed up :) We'll see you on the other side hopefully this weekend as you all begin your journey at JourneyGaming!

Bad News:
We will be dropping our discord server, and we're migrating it over to JourneyGaming's TeamSpeak.
Our IP Address will forever be forwarded to JourneyGaming's IP.

JourneyGaming's Minecraft IP: play.journeygaming.com
JourneyGaming's TeamSpeak IP: ts3.journeygaming.com

PokeTrials: Breeding Update
This update includes many of the small features and fixes we have added to the server from New Years day until now.

New Features:
-Updated to Pixelmon 5.0.1
-Nick Promoted to Community Manager
-Added Steel and Electric Regions
-Added Daycare
-Added Breeding
-Added GTS (Global Trade System)
-Added Skip option for the Tutorial
-Added Pokemon typing to the Map
-Added Zapdos Shrine
-Added Electric TMs and Steel TMs

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed egg identity in Daycare
-Pokemon from the breeder no longer disappear if sent to the PC
-Fixed more improper biome placement

-Modified Pokemon Spawns to fit new Regions
-Changed prices in both buy/sell for certain items in the PokeMart
-Reduced cost of Move Tutor and Move Relearner
-Reduced cost of Breeding and Daycare
-Reduced tax for adding a pokemon to the GTS
-Increased duration for pokemon inside the GTS
-PokeCollector disabled until further notice
-Blue region temporarily disabled
Howdy folks!

My name’s Nick, I’m happy to be your community manager here at PokeTrials. I’m a long time friend of Proxying and Xwaffle, we’ve programmed on a variety of projects throughout the years, and once I heard of the open position at PokeTrials, I pounced on the opportunity!

Firstly, I’ll be handling staff promotions and demotions along with the creation of the Staff Standard Operating Procedures. (SOPs). If you’re feeling up for it, make sure to submit a helper application to be reviewed.

The PokeTrials moderation and administration team must uphold principles of positive attributes to be witnessed by the throng of players who play PokeTrials. I say with such confidence that we’re so fortunate PokeTrials isn’t a publically pieced together server, we harbor the necessary tools to determine; last played time, chat messages sent and actions invoked. This job should be treated with utmost respect and confidentiality.

When you’re a member of the PokeTrials staff team, you’re seen as a figure in power. A figure in power is always subject to scrutiny and targeted by jealously. Your actions will show your sustainability and will prove your durability in the road to come. If you do not operate within a standard in which other players and or communities would want to emulate us because of our behavior, you will be promptly removed from staff and potentially blacklisted from applying in the future.

Secondly, I’ll be implementing and maintaining the new Rules & Regulations which will be introduced within a day or so.

Thirdly, I’ll be hosting events both in-game and on discord to boost community moral and happiness. I’m looking forward to hearing the hidden Justin Bieber's within the community during karaoke.

I look forward to a long and prosperous road of happiness at PokeTrials. Feel free to message me on the forums, or on Discord if you have any questions!
Happy New Years from PokeTrials!

This update was a small update to PokeTrials. We've added a few new features and changed a few things. We wish all of you guys a Happy New Year and Holidays. The biggest update for New Years is that we have added a SECOND REGION. Now many people may be wondering what the second region includes and what is different about it. Blue Region will be the same map and features as Green. The difference between the regions is that there are different Pokemon spawns on each Region. For example, Hitmonlee can only be found in the wild on Green and Hitmonchan can only be found in the wild on Blue. Aside from the Pokemon spawns, ALL POKEMON AND ITEMS are universal between both regions. Gyms/Pokestops/Vote Parties will all be individual to each region so feel free to capture all the gyms on both regions! The main reason we added the Blue Region is that we needed some player load balancing. We were finding that we had over 20-25 players camping at lures and we realized that we simply did not have enough room or a large enough map to satisfy the large populations the server was reaching. With that being said, ALL updates to the servers will apply to BOTH servers for all future updates.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the Millenial Pokemon!

-Goodluck out there Trainers!

New Features:
-Added Tutorial Area
-Added Millenial Crates
-Added Vote Rewards to PokePhone
-Added Cooldowns for Gym Battling
-Added Blue Region
-Added Prestige Rewards
-Added Prestige rank prefix
-Added Team Switching

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed 2 bugs causing the servers to crash...
PokeTrials: Balancing Update
This update includes many of the small features and fixes we have added to the server from launch day till now.​

New Features:

-Updated to Pixelmon 5.0.0
*50 Pokemon Added
*Gen 6 Battle Mechanics added
*Fairy Type Pokemon Added
*New Items added
-Chansey's Corner
*Egg Step Check
*Egg Name Check
-Meowth's Treasury
*Player Vaults
-Permanent Warp Access
-Added Sell prices to items in shops
-Added Traders
-Added Biome Specific Quests
-Added Lucky Eggs (1.5x Player EXP for 30 Mins)
-Added Trials Keys
-Added Berry Stalls & Berry Master
-Added TM Shops to Warp Buildings
-Added Training Area
-Added Pokemon to Spawn
-Added Move Tutor
-Added Move Relearner
-Added more options to the PokePhone

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed "Fatal Error" crashes
-Fixed Texture Pack Error
-Fixed money showing up as 0
-Fixed Experience Exploit
-Fixed glitch allowing the creation of Aura Pokemon
-Fixed Lucky Egg duplication glitch
-Fixed Crate Key glitch only giving 1 key if multiple are purchases

-Sell Shop Prices and Collector Prices changed
-Added PokeStops and PokeGyms to website map
-Implemented player level based PokeStop rewards
-Egg rate reduced in PokeStops
-Pokemon spawns changed to include new pokemon in their appropriate biomes
-Economy Tweakes implemented
-Experience Gain tweaks implemented
-Revamped Level Crate Rewards
-Revamped Aura Crate Rewards
-Permanent Warp prices reduced
-Move Tutor and Move Relearner...
If you haven't seen the server yet! Here's some popular youtubers playing on the server!​



If you are unable to properly download the texture pack automatically from our server when you join, we're offering the ability to manually install it.

Click here to download

Drop the .zip file into your .minecraft/resourcepacks folder.

Make sure you TURN OFF pack download on server join once the packs installed, under Edit Server



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